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Kelly Le Brock Interview With Gabrielle Reilly 

Gorgeous, smart and fun... supermodel Kelly LeBrock, shares her ideas for being your personal best and raising healthy children.  Kelly talks about the importance of growing vegetables and eating right in Part 2 of our interview. 

Click here to read Part 1 of Kelly LeBrocks interview on beauty and care. 


Kelly LeBrock:  I saw that one of your questions was about health care.  People keep saying well what do you think about health care?  I'm into alternative health in a big way.  I want to have a big impact and help people because I believe that health care begins at home.  It begins with what the mother and father are giving the children to eat.  It really belongs in our door ways; it doesn't belong in the hands of the government.

Gabrielle Reilly:  Yes, I believe the accumulation of all of these artificial preservatives/hormones causes many diseases.  I love eating organically grown vegetables from my garden that provide fresh life energy and are obviously packed with vitamins and minerals to keep my family energized, healthy and feeling great.

Kelly LeBrock:  People have to get back and do that!  But people say, we can't do that we don't have the land. You need a little piece. 

Gabrielle Reilly:  You know most of my tomato plants are actually in pots on my patio because I prefer them there because the bugs don't get on them on my patio.

Kelly LeBrock:  You can plant all sorts of things and live from the land very easily. 

Gabrielle Reilly:  Yes.  It's particularly important to teach your children to do that.  In fact, I would like share this idea with parents on how to get children to love drinking water.  When my kids were between two and six, I would push them around a lake everyday in a stroller.  We would stop along the way in beautiful spots and pretend we were in an ad, like a coke-a- cola ad.  We would hold our water bottles up, sip at the same time and say "ahhh refreshing H2O," then giggle and tickle.  It was super cute. Water became associated with lovely, special moments and became there comfort food and they still love water at twelve and thirteen.

Kelly LeBrock:  I think women that give their children sodas should be locked up.  I'm sorry, that's how I feel. Fast food every day, it's terrible. I'm writing a book for the ladies that are having a hard time cooking for their families.  I know how everybody gets tired.  Listen, I've been strapped to the stove for the last twenty three years and I'm home producing a meal and you can do it.  You can do it organically.  You can do it healthily. The cost is so expensive between the fast foods and the sodas and everything else.  I am going to calculate everything and compare to show people that they can eat well and save money.

Gabrielle Reilly:  That's so true.  My kids love fresh food.

Kelly LeBrock:  I know, I know.  Well I have my own eggs here, I have my own milk.  I make yoghurt.  I make my own cheese. I've been eating off my land all summer, it's been incredible.  It was just an empty piece of land that last year I decided to plant.  I pickled about a hundred jalapeños and peppers in a big jar and the look incredible.

Gabrielle Reilly:  WOW, so where did you learn how do all that?

Kelly LeBrock:  By reading, by asking, by talking, by grabbing old people.  Old people hold the secrets and we are letting them pass by.   It's all going to go in my book dang it!

Gabrielle Reilly:  My hair colorist, Pam, has her own property where she grows all of her own orchard, a lake she fishes in, she kills her own deer and butchers it herself.  She feeds her family entirely off her land for the whole year.  She is brilliant and passes the tips on to me every time I get my hair colored.  I have the best garden I have ever had this year from following all her tips.  It needs to be passed down. 

Kelly LeBrock:  I have peaches up the wazoo, I'm dehydrating, I'm freezing, I'm eating.  Eating mostly.  This is the second year crop and it is just starting to come in so next year will be incredible.  I didn't get any tomatos this year; there was some sort of blight.   When you have a blight you don't ever want to plant anything in the nitrate family.  I'm going to plant all lettuces there.

Gabrielle Reilly:   Pam gave me the tips this year on tomatoes to plant them really early (as soon as the seedlings are available in stores) but cover with a cut off plastic milk bottle that basically acts as a green house while the roots get established. 

Kelly LeBrock:  Yes, there is another lady I met that is growing the most incredible heirloom tomatoes.  She said to plant basil next to them because the basil gets big and shades them and protects them from bugs too.

Gabrielle Reilly:  So are all your tips on this are in your book?

Kelly LeBrock:  I'm putting all kinds of things in there about well-being, about how to start your day because that is the most important thing and none of us do it.  I'm writing this book to remind myself!

I haven't had television for sixteen or seventeen years and it made a big difference in raising kids on my own.  There is so much rubbish on it and kids aren't going to watch the good stuff.  There is good stuff on TV too but the kids don't generally watch it.

Gabrielle Reilly:  Yes, it is VERY important how you start your day and your family's day.  In fact I was listening to an audio book on my ipod this morning as I went for a walk as he sun rose and it is incredible the difference to your entire day when you start it well.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of our interview series with Kelly LeBrock.

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