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The beautiful, smart and funny Kelly LeBrock talks of growing up in Europe, beauty, and her entertaining thoughts and work in Australia with us "crazy Aussies" in part 4 of our interview series. 

Gabrielle Reilly:  And so you grew up London.  What do you miss most about living in London?

Kelly LeBrock:  Grew up in London?  No I'm still not grown up.  Laugh, I'm not going to grow up.  No, getting old isn't an option, but growing up is. 

But yes, I grew up in London and was raised in a boarding school so I still have my girlfriends from thirty five years ago.  I'm very happy I grew up in Europe.  Actually, you and I's accents are always confused by people who don't know either one.  My accent is all mixed and mashed.  I'm a motley crew of English and American now.

So what do I miss about London?  The miserable weather!  A good egg, sausage and tomato breakfast with a nice cup of tea.  I miss seeing crooked teeth.  You don't see any crooked teeth in California and if you have crooked teeth, people don't talk to you.  It's crazy!  It's crazy. 

I've done Botox in the past but you wear the same the same face whether your sad, happy, angry or crying.  As an actress I think it is very important to keep my roadmap because it's what made me who I am today. 

I think that we have to allow people to be who they are as long as you're healthy.   People don't think feel healthy inside if they have to fix the outside.  I think when you are feeling good inside it doesn't matter what the outside looks like.  They say you are going to wear the face that you are going to become by the time you're forty. I think it is important for people to be happy.

Gabrielle Reilly:  What is your favorite beauty tip?

Kelly LeBrock:  Happiness!  Happiness is my favorite beauty tip, if you don't have happiness there is nothing that will look good no matter hard you try.

Kelly LeBrock:  Well, I'm coming to Australia.  I'm writing a script with an Australian guy and I would love to come to Australia.  If there is anyone out there listening. 6'4, dark no, I'm just being silly.   I would love to come out there though. 

Gabrielle Reilly:  Who are you writing with?

Kelly LeBrock:  I'm writing with a gentleman called Michael Winter.  We've been writing something that is very heavy.  It is based on a woman in the eighteen hundreds.  It's a really raw piece.  There are some very intense scenes as it was in those days.  I have never seen a film really depict what was going on in that century.  

The script, called "Tambourine Mare," is about the life of a woman after her husband dies.  There are some really bad, bad guys and there are some pretty intense scenes in there that people would never have seen before. 

We live in such a fast world today.  I live in such an isolated place and I've had no TV.  I only got a computer last year and I barely know how to use it.  We have forgotten or we never knew what it was like to live on the land. 

Then we've decided we wanted to write a comedy titled, "Mail Order Brides." I want to put a team of people I know together and do a comedy about these three women coming into a town. 

Actually, Bob Sand is my best, best, best friend in the whole world and he is Australian.  You know you're all crazy. 

Gabrielle Reilly:  You know we are absolutely crazy!  It wasn't until I lived in America for a while that I realized how crazy we really are.  I watched an Australian news clip about a whale carcass floating around in the ocean in South Australia that Great White sharks were feeding on.  What do the Aussies do?  Go out in small boats to the carcass.   A father and his ten year old son walk on top of the dead whale while HUGE sharks were coming up out of the water feeding on it.  The Mum is videotaping it saying "come on Dave, don't be a bloody idiot."  It's the only country in the world that would have to make a law prohibiting people from getting too close to a whale carcass in a shark infested feeding ground.

Kelly LeBrock:  Ha ha ha. and in Germany the parents are on the third bottle of wine and the kid is walking up a thirty foot rock wall.  If you could live through a European upraising you can do anything in this world.   The poor kids here aren't allowed to do anything.  You're not allowed to rollerblade, you're not allowed to skate board, you're not allowed to make noise.  You see all the parks, they are all no, no no.  It's crazy.

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