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Jay Cutler Interview With Gabrielle Reilly

Gabrielle Reilly: Jay I remember first seeing you on stage when we were both competing at the 2003 IronMan Pro Invitational in LA. It was inspiring watching you on stage that night.

You went on to take out many more of the most prestigious awards in the body building industry including the Arnold Classic. You have become the new "Arnold" of the body building world.

I hope that some of your dreams, discipline and dedication can inspire my readers too so let me ask you a few questions:


Gabrielle Reilly: What do you do to keep motivated?

Jay Cutler: I stayed motivated by reading books on success, and I was focused because of the work ethic I was raised with on the farm. I give a lot of credit to my brothers and father for that.

Gabrielle Reilly:  How does your overall training/dieting impact your lifestyle?

Jay Cutler: I am very low key, a homebody actually, so being dedicated to my job is not difficult. I am somewhat of what people consider a workaholic, which is good for me. I strive to live a clean life and I guess that's why all my training, diet, the whole routine I follow is over the top.

Gabrielle Reilly: Yes, "low key," "homebody," "clean living" and "workaholic" are all words you could use to describe my lifestyle too. I couldn't have achieved half of my dreams without living a solid, nourishing lifestyle.

After your success at the 2003 Ironman Contest, I was also lucky enough to see you take out your next title at the 2003 Arnold Classic. Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced you and I remember him saying he was particularly impressed with your showmanship. How did you develop your unique onstage showmanship?

Jay Cutler: I have become a showman onstage thru years of competing and feeling the vibes of the crowds. The reaction these days is overwhelming, I feed off the energy, when you're on you feel it, the crowd controls the tempo of the shows. I guess I love my job. I enjoy giving people their $$$$,s worth.

Gabrielle Reilly: Do you have days when the last thing you want to do is step foot in a gym?

Jay Cutler:There were days I did not want to train but I had a goal to be the best from day one.

Gabrielle Reilly: Do you change up your routine to fight boredom or do you use straight discipline and stick to
the same regiment?

Jay Cutler: I have always trained the same, higher volume, short rest periods, it keeps it challenging which I thrive on.

Gabrielle Reilly: Do you have allocated binge days/meals? What do you do when you feel like breaking your strict diet?

Jay Cutler: I really never cheat on my diet, or get the urge. I eat 10 times a day and journal all my activity daily, it keeps me on track. I never have eaten too poorly, so what you never had, you never miss right?

Gabrielle Reilly: What/who was your first inspiration to begin body building?

Jay Cutler: My first inspiration was Arnold and Bob Paris.

Gabrielle Reilly: Do you work outside the fitness industry?

Jay Cutler: I worked in concrete in my brothers business from 11 to 18 then did golf course maitenence from 18 to 20.

Gabrielle Reilly: At what age did you start training?

Jay Cutler: I began training on my 18th birthday.

Gabrielle Reilly: Were you really muscular as a child/teenager?

Jay Cutler: I grew up on a farm in massachusetts so I was pretty muscular and lean to begin as a teen.

Gabrielle Reilly: Did you play any sports?

Jay Cutler: I played football and raced ATV's

Gabrielle Reilly: Well thanks very much for your time Jay. It is wonderful that you are the new inspiration for the teenagers around the world. Your cleaner living style makes for a healthy role model. It is lovely to see your wife has been by your side from when you first started training and you have both grown and excelled together over the years. As the saying goes "behind every great man is a great woman" so congratulations to you both on your success.

For those of you who would like to find out more about Jay Cutler and his training, he does have an array of videos, pictures and information on his site at

So whatever your dreams, whether they are more like Jays of being the best at something that puts a fire in your belly, or more like my dreams where a variety of experiences motivate me, just be brave enough to step out and follow them. Most importantly though, don't allow your happiness to become too dependent on the end result. Feel the contentment and satisfaction of putting one foot in front of another in the journey towards your dreams. Greater satisfaction can be enjoyed by not only living for yourself, but by sharing your goodness and experience with others. For those of us who are fortunate enough to not have to spend our days rummaging for food and shelter as millions of starving people do around the world, don't dither your time away aimlessly, follow your dreams no matter how big or small and lead a fulfilling life. Its selfish not to.



There is a loftier ambition
than merely to stand high in the world.
It is to stoop down
and lift mankind a little higher.

- Henry Van Dyke

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