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The gorgeous Kelly LeBrock talks of the tragedy of losing her brother to cancer recently and diets that help avoid people developing cancer in Part 3 of our interview series.

Gabrielle Reilly:  What charity work has captured your soul?

Kelly LeBrock:  I've had a really, really, really tough few years. I've gone through another divorce and I've lost my baby brother in my arms about fourteen months ago.  He died in my arms of a horrible death of cancer. He was more like my son.  I had taken care of him since he was fifteen and he died at forty two. He died of cancer of the spirit, the worst kind. 

There are many forms of cancer, but when you hear of people having miracle recoveries, they're the ones that have it in their spirit.  The spirit can be changed so can their bodies.  My brother did not want to be here and I knew that.  I knew that for a long time.  Some people just aren't meant to be here.  We need to take care of the ones that are here.  I am the spokesperson for a charity called "Club Carson" where we help children with cancer because the system is killing the children.  It's killing everybody. 


The radiation and the chemo a lot of the time is more detrimental than the actual disease and these little children are being given chemo and radiation when the doctor knows that it won't help them.  The kids don't want it.  When you go around these hospitals and see what they are feeding these children.  Cancer lives off sugar, pure sugar.  You have to get your kids off sugar.  All you Mums out there, all you kids, get yourselves off sugar!  It's unbelievable how bad it is.  Get some real sugar from beautiful soft juicy peaches (there incredible right now.)

I don't want anyone else to get cancer.  Cancer has become the common cold and the root cause is from what we are eating, what we are thinking and what we're becoming.  

Having my family die the way I have been, my Mum has been dying for six years and it's just been terrible.  They are resuscitating her now but they're not going to do that again.  It really teaches the importance of living and the importance of life and the importance of being in the truth.  The truth is a lot of people are so miserable; they just do the same stuff every day.   When you start opening doors that make you afraid then you start to have action happen, cause and reaction.  I think we are all sponsoring a bad story sometimes and it isn't a dress rehearsal.  Watching my brother, taking my brother to the other side was the most extraordinary gift, really an incredible gift. 

We must not fear death.  By fearing death we are not living, that is what I learned.

Gabrielle Reilly:  I'm so sorry to hear about your brother.  Yes, it is staggering the amount of sugar consumed here in America.  Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, birthday parties, I've never in my entire life seen so much sugar that is dished out on just one of any of these holidays here..

Kelly LeBrock:  Yes!  Pillow cases of candy on Halloween.  My kids would be so sugared up that if you were liquored up like that you would be dead.  My kids were dead the next day and you can only win so many battles.  But kids have to learn themselves were there lines are and they learn by getting tummy aches. We did it too!

Gabrielle Reilly:  I was lucky I moved to America right before I had my children and I didn't like the taste of American candy so we just never had any in the house so my kids don't like it much either.

Kelly LeBrock:  That's the other thing; this country has a lot to answer for allowing GM foods to be served on peoples plates.  They are genetically modified organisms.  Actually, when ingested is completely poisonous to us and that is what everybody is eating.  Every single cow, pigs, fish, is all being feed corn.  Corn cannot be digested by these animals.  There is such a surplus of it that they don't know what to do with it so they feed it to the animals.  We've got to stop eating corn or at least GM corn.  You know wild birds will fly over a field even if they are hungry, they won't stop and eat GM food or plants.  Did you know that? 

Gabrielle Reilly:  No, I didn't know that. 

Kelly LeBrock:  That's crazy, even if they are starving they won't eat it!  We are putting this on the plates of our children and those that we love.  We have to become being conscious of it.





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