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Connie Talbot became famous at just 6 years old on "Britain's Got Talent."  Over a 100 million people around the world have tuned in to Connie's Youtube channel to watch this adorable, super-sweet girl, belt out tunes that just give you chills.  Singing in front of world leaders at the G20 Summit in Seoul and celebrating Chinese New Year in China in front of an audience of 600 million people, Connie is soaring onto the global stage.  

The Global Townhall is honored to welcome Connie Talbot to talk about performing, her life and her future.

Gabrielle Reilly:  Connie, you have such an amazing voice, in fact your "I Will Always Love You" sounds as great as the all time legend Whitney Houston (RIP!)  How old were you when you and your parents realized you were gifted with such a beautiful voice?

Connie Talbot:  Thank you so much.  Well, I suppose I didn't really notice... my mom was told from my school, when I was young, that I was good at singing lol.

Gabrielle Reilly:  Do you ever get nervous on stage?  How do you feel when you are performing?

Connie Talbot:  I don't really get nervous; my dad does that job for me! When I perform I feel, well. I'm not sure really, glad that I have come this far to enjoy being on stage, and doing something I love very much. J

Gabrielle Reilly:  You have grown up so much since you were on "Britain's Got Talent."  How has performing changed for you since then?
What are your dreams for the future?

Connie Talbot:  Things haven't changed much at home, I do get to go to some amazing events and meet some extremely nice people. I'm very lucky! My dreams are hopefully to be a singer, but whatever comes my way, I will be happy.

Gabrielle Reilly:  How has the success you have already achieved impacted your day to day life?

Connie Talbot:   Nothing has changed at home really on a day to day basis. My friends are just the same as they were before I was on 'BGT'. The only thing that has changed is that I get lots of lovely messages from people all over the world. That's very kind of them.

Gabrielle Reilly:  I know many of the famous stars I interview have heard the word "no" a million times in the entertainment industry and still do.  Many handle the rejection understanding that the "no" had nothing to do with them and that they are one step closer to a yes.  How do you think you are going to handle the word "no" throughout your career without it bringing you down?

Connie Talbot:   I don't think 'no' would bring me down because everything in life is made for a reason.  J

Gabrielle Reilly:  What do you miss most about being five years old?

Connie Talbot: When I was 5 I could climb under things easier and I was a little bit more adventurous than I am now.

Gabrielle Reilly:  How much have your family helped you achieve your dreams?

Connie Talbot:   A lot! If I didn't have them with me and to help me, nothing would have happened such as, seeing incredible countries and meeting lovely people and having the chance to sing on stage, which was my dream from day one.

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