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Kelly LeBrock, aka The Woman in Red, most likely will never fully comprehend the iconic impact she had on people's lives throughout the world.  Her name is etched in history.  Obviously stunning in an almost vulnerable way, her grace and elegance has put her on the cover of thousands of the most prestigious magazines around the world.  Her acting has had her working alongside Gene Wilder, Leslie Nielsen and Steven Segal.   Kelly is currently writing a book and a movie script.

What most people don't know about Kelly is how grounded she is in the things that matter most in life.  Kelly is much about family and living simply... away from the many things that clutter most of our lives. In fact, Kelly has so much valuable information to share with us, we have given her the entire month of September in a five part series available every Wednesday (guess that makes her Ms. September.)  Of course she shares some beauty tips with us, but her message unravels in some unexpected areas including cancer, health, gardening, career advice and an update of what she is doing today.  This interview covers beauty and modeling advice for young women who aspire to be models or actresses.

Gabrielle Reilly:  Hi Kelly!  It's so lovely to be able to chat with you this morning.  I have to tell you... you influenced my hair style for a decade in the 80's!

Kelly LeBrock:  And you're still talking to me?  J  Yes, good morning it is lovely to be able to chat with you too.  The 80's were wonderful, even the parts that I don't remember. 

Don't you wish the 80's were back?   It was sort of a time of innocence.  It was before things got crazy like they are now. The 80's were fun. I'm still tired from them! 

Gabrielle Reilly:  Ha, ha, yes, I'm still recovering from the 80's too.  I mentioned I was doing an interview with you to my good friends on Facebook and all of my friends were soooo excited.  You were VERY big in Australia.   Actually, everybody had your hair! 

Kelly LeBrock:  Oh, I'm so sorry. J  I'm actually having good hair days now!  I found a product that is un-friggen-believable.  I wake up and have good hair days even after four days of not washing my hair!!!!!

Gabrielle Reilly:  Really, what's the product?

Kelly LeBrock:  Some kind of protein that they put into my hair in New York.  I saw it done on a girlfriend's hair.  It makes your hair feel younger; your hair looks like it has more body.

Gabrielle Reilly:  Is it a treatment that the hairdresser applies about every three months?

Kelly LeBrock:  Exactly, they apply it about every three or four months.

Gabrielle Reilly:  I have the same protein treatment done too!  Yes, it's a protein treatment and I tell you what, my hair is completely and absolutely transformed.  I went from having to spend an hour pulling my frizzy hair smooth, to ten minutes now AND it doesn't change in the humidity!!!!!

In case we have readers out there who would like to try it (it is actually hard to find a hairdresser that does this) I get mine done at All Eyes On You Salon in Kansas City.  They are really good.  Where have you been getting yours done?

Kelly LeBrock:  Ahhh, listen to us.  I've been getting my hair done at Red Door, Elizabeth Arden in New York.


 Gabrielle Reilly:  So what advice can you offer girls starting out in the acting/modeling industry?

Kelly LeBrock:  I would say to young girls out there, if you really, really, really want it then get into the best shape you can be in both physically and mentally.  Be sure you eat right, you stay straight and you don't get into the drugs. 

Never sleep with anyone for a job. Don't ever comprise yourself for the sake of being famous or to be in a magazine.  EVER.  That just ends up being trouble and it's a tough world.  I did it, it's a very tough world.  You either get it or you don't, there is enough work for everyone. 

I was a very, very big model in Europe. I started at fifteen and a half, by the time I was seventeen I was ready to leave England because I wasn't making any money.  I was doing all the top, top jobs, but they didn't pay.  You know, it was prestigious to be in Vogue, Harpers and Queen etc. 

So I had to leave and move to New York. I couldn't find work for six months when I got to NY!  I did thirteen appointments a day in the hot summer in NY heat, pounding up and down the pavements. I had pictures taken by David Bailey and some very famous photographers in Europe and was being told that I wasn't good enough.   I was told I was too exotic, or my mouth was too big or that I wasn't right.   I wasn't feeling too good about myself!!! Then one person used me for the twenty four page spread in Vogue. Then suddenly everybody wanted me, so never give up is what I can say.

Everyone is special.  Give it a go, if it is not working and you think that you still have something special, keep trying. Don't give up.  If you have a dream you have to follow it.  If the modeling doesn't work, maybe you could try the acting because acting takes all sorts and so does modeling. 

Interview Part 2  - Health, raising children and gardening.



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