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"WOW, The Global Townhall is a great forum!  This little enterprise came out just beautiful, it is a work of art and it was outrageous fun as well!  i love your autobiographical musings on the website; your interviews are rich.  I really enjoyed talking with you Gabrielle."  Story Musgrave, Hall of Fame Astronaut.  He is repairing the Hubble Telescope in this picture, having to space walk to complete the repairs.


"I love The Global Townhall.  I would have to say that Gabrielle Reilly is one of the most interesting and dynamic people I have come across for a long time, we should all stand aside and listen to HER stories. I loved the question's she asked and would love to read any thing she has to print, this woman is going place's...  xx A fan Kelly Le Brock."  Kelly LeBrock Interview


"I have read your column (The Global Townhall) with joy!  Great interviews and discussion points.  Thank-you for sharing; it is great work. "  A statement from Gen Caslen when he first discovered Gabrielle Reilly's work.

" Gabrielle is an incredibly talented leader and team builder, with outstanding interpersonal relationship building skills. She is a winner in every way you can imagine.”  General Robert Caslen, 3 Star USA General. 

This second statement from Gen. Caslen was given a dozen years later, after Gabrielle served as a civilian Board Member/Trustee on a prestigious United States Military Board alongside 3 Star Generals, working with world leaders to resolve conflict around the world without having to resort to war.  Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the King of Bahrain, Prime Minister of Singapore, Colin Powell, General Petraeus etc. are just a few of the alumni.

The international award Gabrielle Reilly won that she wished didn't even exist.  An award for "Exceptional Acts of Courage and Achievement" presented by the Mother and Father of Nirbhaya, the yound woman who was gang raped to death on a bus in New Dehli. 

For more about this event, the important issue of violence against women, and more pictures of the event (yes even the tearful picture that Gabrielle hopes touches people's souls as she couldn't hold back the tears while speaking on stage) click here:  Gabrielle Reilly  Nirbhaya Award

John Hoffmeister - President Shell Oil 

“Gabrielle’s communication skills and awareness of meaning are essential skills, which she has mastered. She is fully professional and objective in her work with others.” John Hoffmeister, President of Shell Oil (retired.)


"A privilege to be in your inspiring magazine.  I hope your global readers enjoy the interview" Lord Taylor of Warwick, House of Lords, London. Lord Taylor and Gabrielle went on to work on quite a few projects together including them both being Guests of Honour delivering speeches on National Security in India.


"Gabrielle Reilly is one of the most valuable and resourceful people from Australia I've ever worked with in India. Her skills in leadership makes her to see solutions rather than problems. Loyal, insightful and independent.”  Asif Iqbal, President of the Economic Trade Organization

Gabrielle lived in India for 6 months several years back and then toured the Middle East for months doing a speaking tour discussing important topics including global national security, violence against women and inspirational speaches of hope and strategy for the poor in Indian.  She also was a brand Ambasador for luxury brands including the Ritz Carlton.


"Thanks so much for having me on The Global Townhall.  It has been a pleasure."  Mads Mikkelsen - star of 007 Casino Royale, Clash of the Titans etc.  


"She's (Gabrielle Reilly) a very dynamic young woman whom I nominated for Young Australian of the Year," says Lim (Richard Lim, Deputy Leader Northern Territory Australia)"  Gabrielle was very proud to be defeated for the title by aboriginal Olympic Gold Medalist, Cathy Freeman.


"One of my funnier experiences in Darwin was when I was in the Miss Australia Awards," she (Gabrielle Reilly) said. "We were all dressed up and taken on a beautiful champagne, sunset hovercraft cruise. There was not a toilet on board and many of the girls on board were just busting to go after a glass or two of champagne. The hovercraft pulled up on a sandbank in the middle of nowhere and all you saw was a bunch of contestants running down the beach in formal wear to glamorously squat in one of the few areas with any scrub." (We were all worried about crocs grabbing us.)


"Reilly doesn't know if she will visit Australia before the election - although "A Current Affair" and Today Tonight (and maybe even "The 7.30 Report") will be falling over themselves to get her on camera is she does."


"Gabrielle, it's been really lovely speaking with you. Still can't figure out how an Aussie ended up in Kansas of all places, this is a first for me to be interviewed in Kansas!  Thanks for having me on The Global Townhall."  Leslie Nielsen star of Naked Gun and Scary Movie.  Leslie Nielsen Interview.

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As CEO of The Global Townhall, Gabrielle Reilly is a global executive with over 23 years of experience working with influential thought leaders around the world. She has worked alongside a President of Shell Oil, a NASA astronaut, 4 American 3-Star Generals, and a billionaire, gaining valuable insights and expertise in the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Her unique world-class experience has provided her with an abundance of ideas, strategies, and solutions that she has utilized to greatly transform and improve organizations through communications, stakeholder and change management projects.

Using her exceptional stakeholder and communication skills, Ms. Reilly has led a global company from start-up to working on projects with budgets of up to $80 million and teams of up to 40.  She has created visions for major projects, taking them from vision to transformational implementation.  Her transferable skill sets across different industries include executive-level stakeholder management, communications and public relations, leadership, management, visionary development, deep relationship-building, negotiation, sales, keynote speaking, advising, customer relations, diplomacy, national security, digital marketing, social media, event management, program management, political advising, and property development.

Ms. Reilly's work is driven by her passion for improving people's lives, stemming from her childhood experiences living with locals in Papua New Guinea and Asia. She has also served as an Executive Board Member on some world-class international boards, including a United States Military board whose alumni include Colin Powell, General Petraeus, and President Eisenhower. Gabrielle calls upon her influential global network to assist with her projects, leading with big visions and enjoying outstanding world-class outcomes.

As an international guest speaker and author, she has spoken at events around the world, traveling to over 60 countries.

 What places have we both visited? Click on a picture to go through the gallery. 

Gabrielle served as an Executive Board Member at The Command General Staff College (CGSC) Foundation at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas alongside 3 Star Generals of the United States Army. This is a prestigious United States Military Board of which the CGSC alumni include Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and the King of Bahrain, His Majesty Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Gen. Petraeus, Colin Powell, and President Eisenhower.

She also served as the Chair for the International Friendship Gala for the Board, held at the Kauffman Centre for Performing Arts (like the Sydney Opera House) to welcome the prestigious military officers from around the world to the United States.  The Officers come with their families to live on the base for one to two years to study and build important relationships with each other, and therefore other nations. These relationships have prevented conflict around the world over the 100 years it has been running, and this is why Gabrielle is so incredibly passionate about the program.  It has undoubtedly, and very quietly, saved many lives around the world and brought stability amongst nations. 

Consider, in the past 30 years Indonesia quietly and slowly became democratic under President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's reign, firstly, as a General and then as President.  He attributes much of the success his country has enjoyed, due to his training at the United States military base in Kansas.  It gave him the foundation of understanding a successful democratic country as the Officers are also trained on politics and economics.  His son has also attended the base for a year.

And during this decade of experience, Gabrielle learnt some invaluable lessons working, planning and strategizing alongside the 3 Star Generals who are some of the most well-educated and well-trained people (almost machines the efficiency is so incredible) in the world.  Those lessons include;  how to run a project with ultimate efficiency.   What a strong work ethic looks like (the Generals have worked 5am to 10pm either working, doing physical fitness or educating themselves, their entire career) discipline, a strong code of conduct of character, integrity, honesty at all costs, and of course, timeliness.   It was her greatest honour to have served on this Board among several international boards she served on.

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