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Troy Dann Interview With Gabrielle Reilly 

Troy Dann, star of the international TV hit series "Outback Adventures" and author of the best seller, "Bulldust And Dreams: The Troy Dann Story" is an Australian household name.

Gabrielle Reilly: Troy, I have been thinking of questions to ask you for this interview and it has had me in a fond, belly laugh, looking back over the years. We go back a while. before either of us were public figures, with a just head full of big dreams and a fire in our belly. I knew you were destined for success when you first told me some of your dreams over a drink in Darwin. The tour of your home on Amburla Station, shooting pool at the Melanka... you were such a hoot to be around, and your enthusiasm for life, contagious. It looks like you have accumulated some very entertaining stories in true outback style, dated some beautiful women and haven't let my ideals of you down at all since I moved to America. So update me on your life:


Gabrielle Reilly: So, where do you live now?

Troy Dann: Were ever my hat is hanging between the sunny Gold Coast (on the east coast of Australia) and the outback. You can take a boy from the outback, but you can't take the outback out of the boy !


Gabrielle Reilly: I can relate... the outback will always happily be a big part of me too. For my American readers, how big is the property at your home, Amburla Station?

Troy Dann: We have two properties covering over 1400 square miles in size (2 million + acres). The state of the Northern Territory is twice the size of Texas with only 2% of its population.


Gabrielle Reilly: What work do you do around the station (American ranch)?

Troy Dann: My father and I are currently developing a marketing strategy to franchise our families free range beef (Centralian Gold). Believed by many to be the healthiest beef in the world with not pesticides or chemicals used in this remote part of mother earth. Hormone free and I believe it will become very popular in our ever changing health conscious society. Also Gab for me to give something back to this special part of our country that I know you hold close to you heart, by helping many rancher families receive better annual returns for this unique product. This will also tie in with our distributors to purchase healthy produce once again providing them with a healthier alternative to processed foods.

Gabrielle Reilly: You have no idea how funny it is to be sitting in America reading about a dispute over who owns the camel you used for your TV series. I saw Noel Fullerton, "father of camel racing," stepped in and discredited the allegations. It would be totally ridiculous to take camels to Ross River. They have so many camels their, in fact, Ross River was one of my favorite places to go riding. Ricky Anderson is right "it would be like taking beer to Germany." Are you still mad about that incident or do you look at it and laugh now too?

Troy Dann: Ha, forgot about that one there are so many untrue stories about this cowboy !
I have found that success is always under construction, and it is only human nature that small minded individuals become jealous of someone's success as they don't have the balls to go outside their security zone and have a go.ops sorry did I say that?

No not at all my dear friend I am innocent of this incident and I am learning that you must forgive your enemies and love all as hard as it may be at times so I have no hard feelings I just pray these type of people can one day find peace within themselves.


Gabrielle Reilly: Hmmmm, "so many untrue stories about this cowboy " well there are some things the same all over the world... we have a cowboy that runs the country here in America who has many untrue and completely distorted stories about him as well. My mantra being in the public eye is if you don't have people complaining about you, your not working hard enough. It becomes an expected statistic instead of something to personalize.

What has been the most memorable moment of your life?

Troy Dann: Meeting you of course Gabby

Gabrielle Reilly: Ahhh, so your still as charming as ever.

What are you doing now anyway?

Troy Dann: We are developing a company that is in the business of marketing entertainment with health and unique outback products namely artifacts and rare outback jewelry thru a direct selling model.

A strong percentage of the public would like the opportunity to be their own boss giving themselves financial freedom, independence and lifestyle. To this we have developed a direct selling platform that gives people this opportunity by becoming a distributor of the products and in return receives generous commissions from the sales.

Almost every fortune 500 company in existence has now become involved in some way with the networking revolution and dozens of networking companies are listed on the New York Stock Exchange so there is no longer any reason to be skeptical of this industry because in the twenty first century it gives everyone an opportunity. A recent speech on networking by your past American president Bill Clinton stated ?You strengthen our country and our economy, ?not just by striving for your own success, but by offering the opportunity to others'. ?Your industry gives people a chance after all, to make the most of their own lives'

I am very excited about the future and we are confident that this company will become very successful in the near future both here in Australia and Abroad.

Gabrielle Reilly: Well I have come to learn you do everything in a big way and have a successful track record under your belt to back up whatever endeavor you undertake.

Now that is a statement by President Clinton that I agree with entirely ?You strengthen our country and our economy, ?not just by striving for your own success, but by offering the opportunity to others'. I know my success has little to do with me... there are a bazillion pretty girls in the world who have big dreams and work hard. Any success I enjoy is directly attributed to dedicating my life to helping others. People would be much more content and successful if there lives focused not only on themselves, but on helping mankind.

Are you planning on doing anymore TV series?

Troy Dann: Yes I have been developing a movie (Indiana Jones style outback epic) for some time now and hope to have this completed in by 2006..they say Rome was not built in a day.they were right ?

I am also in development of an outback animation series that I am extremely excited about!

Gabrielle Reilly: Do you have anymore books in the pipeline?

Troy Dann: Yes a motivation and training book for people whom want to lead a healthier and wealthier life style.

Gabrielle Reilly: I will be sure to look out for it! I will of course want a signed copy. What dreams do you have for the future?

Troy Dann: Many it is scary.


Gabrielle Reilly: You are certainly the rural kids idol. I could see you gave many of them hopes, dreams and a fire in their belly. You have inspired a generation of kids, accomplished much and lived life to the fullest. I look forward to watching the adventures of my Outback larrikin mate over the next ten years with amusement and pride.

Troy Dann: Oh come on. your much too kind... Ok I will take it...

Much love from Down Under


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