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The Global Townhall Pro Tips On How To Travel The World!

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If you would like more pro travel tips, click on this Amazon link for our book "Iconic Travel: A Family's Guide To Exciting Travel" which is available to download now on Kindle/Amazon.

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The Global Townhall Pro Tips On How To Travel The World!

Thanks so much for joining our email community, we're thrilled to have you! 

If you would like more pro travel tips, click on this Amazon link for our book "Iconic Travel: A Family's Guide To Exciting Travel" which is available to download now on Kindle/Amazon.

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Kathy Ireland Interview With Gabrielle Reilly 

Kathy Ireland, the once gorgeous Supermodel, is now a gorgeous Supermogul with a company that has grossed $1.4 billion annually in retail sales.  Kathy has just published a new book "Real Solutions for Busy Moms."  Yes, she is a busy gorgeous Supermom too, so who better to get advice from?

Kathy has been incredibly successful at whatever she has done throughout her life.  This interview is dedicated to learning a little more about Kathy and learning a little more about her success tools for you, hopefully, to draw on to better your own life.

Gabrielle Reilly:  Kathy, we are excited to hear you have a new book out.  Tells us about it!

Kathy Ireland:  Real Solutions for Busy Moms Your Guide to Success and Sanity, is published by Howard Books/Simon and Schuster.

Moms need real solutions, because we face real problems.  Success is living the life you want.  It is your own definition.  Walking your own path.  The one which is meant for you.  Sanity is honoring your own priorities. Success means knowing you can have it all, just not all at the same time, all of the time.  I say your guide to success and sanity, because, so often moms feel we are losing our grip, at the edge of the cliff and just about ready to jump.  Moms need a guide to reconnect with their dreams as we deal with the reality of our lives. Without my faith as my cornerstone, I am not able to make it through the day.


Gabrielle Reilly:  What motivated you to write "Power Inspirations: Eight Lessons That Will Change Your Life?"

Kathy Ireland:  My first book, Powerful Inspirations, Eight Lessons That Will Change Your Life... was a joy to write...and at the same time, it caused families to begin asking more and more questions. Those specific questions are raised in the book and they left me knowing that there was more to say on family issues. After UCLA honored me as one of the Top Ten Women Health Advocates in America, I realized that I had a greater responsibility to women.  I had to go seek information and share it.

My mind thought that the work on this book began two and a half years ago.  The truth is my heart began working on this book the day the eldest of our three children was born.  Being a mom is the world's most difficult, demanding, rewarding, fulfilling, amazing job.  All moms work whether they get paid or not.


Gabrielle Reilly:  How did you transition so gracefully from a modeling career to becoming such a successful entrepreneur?

Kathy Ireland:  One of the earliest memories I have, as it relates to business, was my father speaking with me about the importance of promises.  When I began a paper route as a young girl, I remember vividly, my father explaining to me the power of a promise.  My paper route was in essence, he explained, a promise to my customer, a promise to deliver their paper every morning.  My father shared with me the value of under promising and over delivering.  If a customer expected the paper on their driveway I made sure I delivered it to their front porch.  This business philosophy helped create the foundation that supported me throughout my modeling career and eventually my design business.

My entrepreneurial spirit is derived from several principles that I use in every aspect of my life today, not just in my business.  These principles have taken me from the beaches of Santa Barbara to the boardrooms of the largest manufacturers and distributors of quality home products such as            Shaw Industries, Standard Furniture and

In these extraordinarily unpredictable times the ability to adapt to change is the hallmark of today's entrepreneurial leader.  Change is a constant in today's business world and the ability to face that challenge with surefootedness and confidence can make all the difference.  Change actually stretches us and forces us to grow.  This philosophy has served me well throughout the many phases in my company's growth, which began with a line of socks to what has morphed into several collections that include apparel, sewing patterns, home accessories, furnishings and flooring.

An important tenant of my entrepreneurial growth has been a strong sense of family.  I believe that this refers to more than just our immediate family, it includes the family we create as well.  It is important to surround ourselves with people and companies that share values and beliefs similar to our own.  One of the things I look for in a strategic partner is someone I can embrace as a member of my extended family.

Gabrielle Reilly:  Having achieved such an incredible amount throughout your life. what gives you a fire in your belly every day now?

Kathy Ireland:  My commitment to J.O.Y means that Jesus, Others, You must be on my mind and in my heart.  Am always working to honor my priorities, faith, family and ".finding solutions for families, especially busy moms."  We serve a big God.  He keeps the fire in my belly and my entire being.

Gabrielle Reilly:  With some many people (particularly young children and teens) idolizing celebrities, what do you think the social responsibility is for celebrities to be conscious of being good role models?

Kathy Ireland:  Unless we live in a cave, we all must realize we are a role model for someone.  Everyone is being watched by others, I am not a celebrity, I still have responsibilities to others everyday.

Gabrielle Reilly:  You have become known as a pro-life advocate. Do you have some thoughts to share on that issue?

Kathy Ireland:  My entire life I was pro-choice ? who was I to tell another woman what she could or couldn't do with her body? But when I was 18, I became a Christian and I dove into the medical books, I dove into science.

"What I read was astounding and I learned that at the moment of conception a new life comes into being. The complete genetic blueprint is there, the DNA is determined, the blood type is determined, the sex is determined, the unique set of fingerprints that nobody has had or ever will have is already there."

You have to figure out your own values and why you have them. People are going to try and push and pull at your convictions, so you have to have boundaries and put them in place.


Gabrielle Reilly:  What are your favorite career highlights?

Kathy Ireland:  There are so many exciting memories!  Designing and marketing our first home collection, receiving five Good Housekeeping Seals, winning an Architectural Digest award for our Shaw flooring designs building powerful business family and winning without cheating.  The greatest moments of my life are accepting Jesus as my Savior and the birth of each of our children.  Blessings.

Gabrielle Reilly:  What does your workout schedule look like now?

Kathy Ireland:  I am healthier today, thanks to healthier food choices, including cutting down on snacking and desserts, plus three exercise sessions a week.  Our children keep me busy and active.  I love sports, including, hiking, biking and swimming.

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