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Erin Aldrich is built, both in body and mind, to be a world-class athlete.  A dual-sport athlete in both volleyball and high jump, Erin's tenacity lead her to the Olympics and US Volleyball National Team. 

However big or small your goals are, tapping into the minds of the worlds greatest, helps to keep us on track.  So let's see how this athlete made her way to the top.  I welcome Olympic athlete, Erin Aldrich to The Global Townhall.


Maddie: What were your first emotions when you walked into the 2000 Olympic ceremony? 

Erin Aldrich:  It was a truly emotional experience.  I told my parents when I was 7 years old that I was going to be an Olympian, so walking in the Opening Ceremonies and representing Team USA was that moment when I felt like my dreams had come true.  As an athlete, there is no better feeling than marching in the Opening Ceremonies with the best athletes in the world, knowing how hard you worked to get there, and realizing that you are finally there!

Maddie:  What motivates you? 

Erin Aldrich:  Envisioning a gold medal motivates me.  Achieving a personal best motivates me.  Accomplishing things that others seem to think are impossible motivates me.  And finally, I work at a company called Ludus Tours (, so I am constantly motivated every day at work as I'm helping people book their trip to the most amazing event in the world... the Olympic Games!

Maddie:  How hard did you have to train to get to where you are? 

Erin Aldrich:  I don't even know where to begin with this question - I have put in countless hours training.  They say that you need to devote 10,000 to be excellent at something.I have probably devoted double that as a dual-sport athlete.  I have never been accused of not having a good work ethic!

Maddie:  What do you do for your daily training? 

Erin Aldrich:  I work full time, so I typically wake up and work out on the track (or Astroturf) at 6am.  Because I am pressed for the number of hours of daylight here in San Diego, I take full advantage of doing my outdoor work in the morning and then after work at around 5:30pm I do my weight workouts, because the sun is setting around that time.  Working full time and training has definitely been challenging, but I am working hard to try to make it work.


Maddie:  Do you train year round?

Erin Aldrich:  Absolutely!

Maddie: How much do you sleep? 

Erin Aldrich:  I try to get at least 9, probably 10, hours of sleep in a night.  Sleep is very important to me because (a) I like to sleep, and (b) I know my body needs a lot of it when I'm burning the candle at both ends.

Maddie:  When did you first start high jump and volleyball? 

Erin Aldrich:  High jump and volleyball were the last two sports I ever started playing.  I happened upon both of them when I was in junior high and I was just playing every sport my school offered in that particular season.  Of course, I was supposed to play volleyball and basketball because I was tall, but then when track season rolled around, I was told to high jump because of my height, as well.  High jumping was so natural to me!

Maddie:  Were there other sports you liked? 

Erin Aldrich:  I played competitive soccer and tennis, as well.  In fact, I was recruited to universities as a tennis player, as well as volleyball and track.  But, don't hold me to my tennis skills now.they are quite rusty!

Maddie:  How did you become so flexible and agile to jump and bend over the high jump bar like you do? 

Erin Aldrich:  I think my agility and flexibility are some innate traits that I have.  I have always been flexible and agile.  That does not mean that I do not work at it, but the base of what I have came naturally.

Gabrielle Reilly:  What attributes contributed to you achieving such great results in your sport? 

Erin Aldrich:  I had a very supportive family and exceptional parents.  I truly believe in letting your child's passion lead them, and that is exactly how my parents raised me.  I was never pressured, and I was never forced to do something.  The only thing my parents insisted on was that if I started something, I finished it.  If, after that, I did not want to continue, I was free to move on to something else.

Maddie:  What's on your iPod playlist? 

Erin Aldrich:  It is probably easier to state what is NOT on my iPod playlist.ha ha!  I listen to everything.  A little tidbit that people probably don't know is that I have a lot of Italian music on my iPod.  I became a lover of Italian music during my years of playing professional volleyball in Italy, so I still listen to that is nostalgic for me!

Maddie:  What do you do in your free time? 

Erin Aldrich:  I spend a lot of my free time, which is little, with my husband.  I just got married in July of 2011, so my husband and I are really enjoying married life.  We just sold our house, so we have been house hunting during the weekends.  We cannot wait to buy our first house together!

Maddie:  What are your plans for the future? 

Erin Aldrich:  I really am looking forward to buying that beautiful home, as well as getting our first dog.  My husband and I put a down payment on a Vizsla, and cannot wait for her to be born.  Her name will be Sydney or London, after the Olympics.  After the dog will some children.  We really want a family in the near future.


Maddie: Who has been the most influential person in your life? 

Erin Aldrich:  First and foremost, God.  Without Him, I would be nothing.  Then, my parents are the most influential people in my life.  Both of my parents are my rock.  I am so grateful for them and I love them dearly! 

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