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Seychelle Gabrielle Interview With Gabrielle and Maddie Reilly 

Seychelle Gabriel, perhaps better known as Princess Yue in The Last Airbender, has had a busy, successful year.  She also has the honor of playing lead lady in Steven Spielberg's new TV series coming out soon, "Fallen Skies". and worked with Mario Lopez in the dance flick Honey 2 also due out soon.  I see a really bright future for Seychelle... she's talented, beautiful and if that is not enough she has a soulful, haunting, singing voice as well.

So, we would like to welcome Seychelle Gabriel to The Global Townhall for a joint interview with Gabrielle Reilly and our new teenage celebrity journalist, Maddie Reilly.  Maddie is here to ensure teens get the questions they would most want to know, asked.


Gabrielle Reilly:  Do you have a tip for working in front of the camera?

Seychelle Gabriel:  The best is a sense of blocking it out, and creating a personal bubble around yourself and whoever's in your scene with you.  And when it's right up in your face, to have a strong mental vision of what should be in its place.

Gabrielle Reilly:  Do you a tip for interview techniques on camera?

Seychelle Gabriel:  Eye contact is a big help, whether you're facing the camera or an interviewer. But the most important is to just relax and be confident with your answers, and not to second-guess yourself in the middle of your conversation.

Maddie Reilly:  How do you deal with the fame and the stress?

Seychelle Gabriel:  My family and friends!  They're the best support system, and are always around to remind me that stressing only makes things more difficult to cope.


Maddie Reilly:  How do you keep your skin so beautiful?

Seychelle Gabriel:  I use Cetaphil cleanser every night.  But I have found an awesome mud mask I use time to time from Sarada Ayurvedic Remedies.  It's all natural, and it just sucks all the oils and stuff out of my skin.

Maddie Reilly:  How about your hair?

Seychelle Gabriel:  Well, I haven't dyed it...yet. So that's probably why it's stayed healthy.  And a good conditioner doesn't hurt.

Gabrielle Reilly:  What are your favorite beauty tips?

Seychelle Gabriel:  Just to wash your face every night and to give your skin a break on the makeup a few times a week.

Maddie Reilly:  Did you take acting classes, if so what ones?

Seychelle Gabriel:  I took a class at Hines & Hunt in Burbank a few years back and worked at the Larry Moss Center for a bit, learning much from both.  But I'd have to say a lot of my best training came out of high school play productions and show choir; big ensemble stuff. I also work with a coach now who I love.

Gabrielle Reilly:  How do you balance your life, look so good AND shoot a movie?  How many hours you typically work a day during a shoot?

Seychelle Gabriel:  Hours depend on the project. On Airbender, we'd be on set from daybreak to dusk, but on Honey 2 there were tons of night shoots. Could be anywhere from 8-14 hours.  It's all about finding time to rest and keeping positive.

Gabrielle Reilly:  I am excited to see Honey 2.  Do you dance much in it?  Mario Lopez has been my favorite male celebrity dancer on Dancing with the Stars from all seasons of the show.  Does Mario dance much in it?

Seychelle Gabriel:  Yeah we do a lot of dancing in it, as the story revolves around two street-oriented dance crews; and for me that took hours and hours of drilling the routines.  But it's going to look awesome!  Actually, Mario plays the host of the dance show our two crews compete on in the movie.

Gabrielle Reilly:  You have such a beautiful, soulful voice.  When did you start singing and did you take lessons?  How about guitar lessons?

Seychelle Gabriel:  Thanks! I was lucky to be surrounded by a lot of music growing up, and my dad got me up on the mike when I was just a kid, singing Fleetwood Mac tunes with his friends and him in the garage.  However, I did take lessons in middle school through high school and was in choir for seven years, so the technique really helped me develop a stronger voice.  And guitar? That's my dad and the internet!

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