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The Global Townhall Pro Tips On How To Travel The World!

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The Global Townhall Pro Tips On How To Travel The World!

Thanks so much for joining our email community, we're thrilled to have you! 

If you would like more pro travel tips, click on this Amazon link for our book "Iconic Travel: A Family's Guide To Exciting Travel" which is available to download now on Kindle/Amazon.

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Catherine Vassiliou is the beautiful and charming journalist and host of her own very successful TV show aired in Greece, "Libro d Oro" which offers people valuable advice on life, happiness and beauty.  Catherine believes that the true essence of beauty is to feel comfortable with your imperfections and to reveal your beauty by the light within you…

Catherine shares some profound secrets to beauty and happiness in our interview together… the thoughts and beliefs that will set your inner light on fire.  Read about her very accomplished career at the end of this interview.

Ramy Wanas:  What makes you so wonderfully vibrant? 

Catherine Vassiliou:  I have found the secret of life; I have found the secret source.  It’s something that costs no money to buy and you can give it freely.  It’s something that is very easy to have, but unfortunately, many people don’t know how to give it or use it.  It’s just love.  Love is immortal and it’s the magic key for all.  As Euripides said “Love is all we have and the only way we can help each other.” 

We should love life with all its colors.  Life is not just black and white.  If we can’t see the colors, we have to discover them alone or with the help of the others.  Our life is a precious gift. 

We should be the painters of our life.  If we don’t like a painting that we are creating because of the colors or the drawing, no problem, we can just start a new one… maybe with more happy colors and a new design.  Just change the canvas or the paper!

And always remember to take care of the little child we all have inside us; our child needs care and affection always.

Ramy Wanas:  Have you achieved your goals and dreams?

Catherine Vassiliou:  I would like to say something from Albert Einstein “the woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”  I have done that because it’s my nature to not follow the crowd.  I feel really happy for everything I have achieved so far in my life.

I still have much to offer people for as long as I live. And because everything has its yin and yang, I couldn't avoid some haters (just few anyway.)  But I have to thank them too, although as I was already strong, they made me stronger.  You know it’s the taste of that which is bitter.  Even I don’t mind the bitter I have felt, as the love from the rest of the people has neutralized it and then deleted it.

Anyway we are alive and we have to feel everything as much as we can with our seven senses.  That’s life and being human.  My soul is filled with the abundance of love from the people that really loves me because they know me and they know my truth.  That makes me feel awesome and happy.  I want to thank all of them, one by one, for loving me, admiring me and follow me all these years…

Ramy Wanas:  How did your Libro D Oro television show start?

Catherine Vassiliou:  Libro D Oro was my own idea.  I never like to copy anyone.  The owner of the first TV channel I worked for (who was also a client at my institute) offered me an opportunity.

We had a discussion about health, nutrition, psychology and life in general.  He loved my opinions and thought and wanted all this knowledge to be shared with a large audience.   He asked me to make a TV show based on my ideas… I said “OK but let me think about and maybe someday we will do it.”

But he didn't give me any time to think about it!   The next day a camera man was knocking at my door.  He came with lights and all the equipment.   He said “Hello, I’m here to record your first show.”  So we did the first show completely unprepared, which turned out to be both very authentic and very successful!    I’m so proud that the title, the concept, the writing and everything on my show was my idea!  The show has been successfully running on television for 17 years now with very high viewing rates from all ages and genders!

“Libro d Oro” in Latin or “Golden Book” in English is full of special advice for every problem that someone may face in life.  Also I host distinguished guests with well respected names in the fields of medicine, spirit, politics etc.   Many viewers, who watch me from foreign countries via the internet, ask for the translation, so we may do that to expand Libro D Oro around the world.

Ramy Wanas:  Do you ever get overwhelmed with so many passions and business ideas?

Catherine Vassiliou:  Well I would say that I’m a very creative person; my mind is coming up with new ideas all the time!  I really don’t like to copy anyone; I want to give everything I do, my own unique stamp!  That’s one secret that can make people successful… be yourself, be unique. 

Besides being on TV, I also had my beauty spa named Beverly Hills and so after the proposal for my own TV program, I wanted to make sure that I was as good as I could be.  I wanted to learn more about the field of journalism.  Even at the college where I had studied Medical Esthetics on Alternative Therapies, I did a class about a medical journalism.  So I finished the college of Journalism and have an executive diploma in that also.

I also wanted to share my knowledge in the field of Esthetics and on Alternative therapies elsewhere so I taught at the National School and some private schools.  But I wanted to share my knowledge further, so I made my own e-learning beauty school! 

Now I can teach many more people through our website which is filled with informative programs that fit everybody’s interest and schedule.  It is called 7

I am proud to work on this with my very sweet and kind 24 year old son who is an alternative healer and is very creative like me.  He couldn't have only one profession, he is also a graphic designer and is studying the technical side of working with video and TV.  In fact, he used to work as the technical support for my TV show. 

Ramy Wanas:  Is it important for women to enjoy a spa day?

Catherine Vassiliou:  As the name says “Keep Calm and Spa On.”  It’s not only the best thing for women to do, but also important for men.  It’s about of taking care of yourself, but it’s also about learning how to take time out to relax, recharge your batteries and rejuvenate.

We don’t have to forget that tranquility starts within us and especially women who have multiply roles in life who maybe need it more.   I could take masters in psychology after so many years of my clients discussing their troubles which I always try to help to solve with them.  Actually, I’m studying counselling now as well so I have a solid basis to help them as much as I can.   As you understand gaining knowledge must never stop … Or maybe I’m unstoppable.  J

Ramy Wanas:  When you travel do you like to be with a friend, a book or writing notes?

Catherine Vassiliou:  Well the world is like a big and very interesting book!  I will say that someone who doesn't like to travel is like someone who doesn’t like to read, or they read only one page and then stop. 

I love travelling; I believe that it is one of the best activities to do with our life on this planet!  You can do it alone, but with friends it is more fun (with the right friends at least.)

You ask me if I write notes.  Yes I can say that I do but I hold them to my mind so they can never be deleted.   I also love to take pictures.  I want to buy an expensive camera to do that on my next travels.

Ramy Wanas:  Tell me more about the Call of Culture.   

Catherine Vassiliou:  The Call of Culture has chosen me as the Ambassador of Greece.  It is a great honor for me.  It’s an e-magazine under the blessings of the United Nations. The United Nations International Peace Day Committee considers the project to be a peace building media tool designed to advance communications and understanding between people from different countries and cultures.  Call of Culture is distributed in over 35 countries and it’s available on Apple, Google Play and social media website etc. So you can easily go there and read it.

Remember that one of the most effective ways to learn about someone else, is by taking the culture of others seriously. So you can find and read my topics for the Greek culture and all the others on Call of Culture e-magazine! 

I will tell you another secret to happiness that I think all people should understand and know is, as Gandhi said, “the best way to find yourself is to be yourself in the service of others.”  So I always follow that as does the team at Call of Culture like to do also.

Ramy Wanas:  When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.  Does that phrase gives you power?

Catherine Vassiliou:  Oh yes sure, that's the truth anyway!  And as Jesus said “ask and you will receive” but ask that with all your heart.  I’ve really had this experience of feeling it in my heart and then a miracle follows, so we have to believe strongly.

Sometimes, whatever we wish for may not come straight away so we have to wait patiently.   Sometimes, we will find obstacles to our dreams coming true.  That is when we have to fight as much as we can as humans… and when we became tired, we should share our troubles with Him and He will guide us.  He always shows you the right path until you find your way.

Ramy Wanas:  Who has inspired you throughout your life?

Catherine Vassiliou:   There are two people who have inspired me throughout my life.  My mother Zacharoula Vassiliou Palaiologou is my hero, she inspires me.  Mom is a very dynamic and creative person and is filled with beautiful and good ideas.  You see where I get my DNA!  J I came from an artistic family which is why I love to paint; I had the best teacher… my Mom.  She is so talented she has many of her paintings in galleries all over the world.

Her name is even included in the encyclopedia of the Personalities of Western Greece.  She is the first woman in Greece to retouch the negatives of the black and white photos by pen and hand.  She is a great artist, professional photographer and painter too.  

My grandfather George Palaiologos (with roots from the Byzance) was a great artist of his age in photography and was also manager at the Kodak Factory in Cairo, Egypt.  He discovered the panoramic photo and was very creative too.  His family members lived in Cairo and had gold shops and pharmacies and since he liked to learn, he worked there also.

He spoke the Arabic language fluently (something that I would love to learn too.)   My grandfather, being Arabic, has made me feel a really special connection with Arab people.  I would love to visit Egypt someday.

Actually, I used to teach painting at primary schools, I adore children.  That was my first occupation which was a great experience.  Now I don’t have time for this hobby due to so many obligations that consumes my free time. But I hope to find some time for that soon.

Ramy Wanas:  Tell me about your work with Ajediam. 

Catherine Vassiliou:  Every day of my life I try to fill my mind with nice thoughts and of course do creative things.  So I also work for the Ajediam company which is the one of the biggest diamond companies.  I’m their Brand Ambassador in Greece. 

We also promote very special and unique product of Ajediam company which is the Diamond Rose.  Its a real stem rose with its natural perfume and has on the petal of the flowers, numerous two karat diamonds!  It stays forever with out water...  We dont have to forget that real diamonds last forever and are a really great and precious gift to express your love that women love!  The perfect two in one gift, diamonds and roses! 

Real diamonds last forever and are a really great and precious gift to express your love.  I’m also starting to promote the idea of investing in Diamonds by Ajediam because, as all we have seen, money is just paper with no real worth. 

In a future interview I will tell you news about my other projects that I am working on, but for right now, I have to keep them secret.

Ramy Wanas :  What question would you have liked to ask a guest star that you didn’t?

Catherine Vassiliou:  A question that I would have liked to ask one of my guest stars would be to Dr .Evangelos Katsioulis who is Greek Psychiatrist and has the highest IQ in the world (an IQ of 205!)  I would like to learn about his personal life.  I think is extremely interesting to know how a genius is in their personal life and how and what they spend their day focusing on.  I didn’t ask because I think this question was really very personal.

Ramy Wanas:  What’s your favorite beauty product? 

Catherine Vassiliou:  Many people ask me the secret of my beauty as I still look like a sister to my son.    There is the DNA of course, but I use the collagen Berenice that I have the exclusivity  to promote in my wellness & anti-age center 7 Senses.   It’s a special fish collagen, full of antioxidants, vitamins, stem cells etc. and it has great taste.

Ramy Wanas:  What would you like to say for closing our interview?

Catherine Vassiliou:  I would like to thank you so much too for the wonderful conversation we’ve had together.  It’s my honor to be hosted on your excellent e-magazine.  Be always so kind and lovable and it is my pleasure to talk again anytime.   I wish you huge success and keep up the great work!  My love to you both Gabrielle and Ramy, and warm regards from Greece.  I hope to see you on a summer vacation …

About Catherine Vassiliou
Catherine Vassiliou is also an active writer and the Ambassador to Greece for the "Call of Culture," an electronic magazine blessed by the United Nations which writes about Greek culture. She is also the Brand Ambassador of the famous international diamond company Ajediam, of Antwerp Belgium.  A trained beautician and nutritionist and an expert on alternative healing methods, she is owner of the Beverly Hills Beauty Spa in Greece and 7 Senses Wellness & Anti–Age Center.


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