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Michelle Bridges Interview With Gabrielle Reilly 


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Gabrielle Reilly:  What do you do to keep motivated?

Michelle Bridges:  Ahh, the old 'motivation' question. I get asked this all the time and I find the of motivation topic fascinating, and it's a really important and valid question. I figure that there must be a lot of 'motivation' junkies out there because of the number of times I am asked this and over time I have developed a bit of a theory. Like any junkie, a motivation junkie is always looking for their next hit! However, human nature tells me that there will come a time in your life when that 'hit' doesn't come. There will be a time when you are simply not motivated. Infact, there will be plenty of times when you are downright UNmotivated!! (I was there just the other day when the alarm when off at 6am and it was a lovely 13 degrees outside! Charming!) What then? Are you going to chuck it all in? All that hard work gets washed down the drain because you can't find the motivation? Are you for real??

While it's great to have specific goals to keep you inspired, I believe the endless quest for motivation can wind up being the down fall for some, or should I say the excuse. "Well, I'm not motivated, so I just can't exercise!" Mmmmm, I think there's a bit of the old 'victim mentality' being wheeled out here. "But it's not my fault! I'm just not motivated!!" Now I get to blame something which means that it's not my fault and therefore not my responsibility. Whoa!!!

I guess what I'm saying here is that don't let not being motivated at some point in your life stop you from looking after yourself. You're the one in the driver's seat, set some goals here and there, but more importantly, be consistent.


To answer your question though - being on national TV in lycra is pretty motivating!!!

Gabrielle Reilly:  What do you do when you feel like breaking your diet?

Michelle Bridges:  Firstly I try not to use the word diet. It usually has a lot of people breaking out into a sweat when it's mentioned - me included! I simply choose to eat well. I make smart choices everyday about my food and I repeat them. It's a habit. Every now and then I might choice to indulge, but it's just every now and then, it doesn't become a habit. Last night for example, I went out to dinner with some friends. We ordered a tasting plate for desert and I had a taste. It was really nice, but that was it. I'm not beating myself up about it today. As usual, I will be going to the gym tonight and today I will be eating my usual healthy stuff. Again, I am consistent. There's that word again. Can you see a theme here? There's no secret about how to stay in shape.

Gabrielle Reilly:  What got you excited about fitness in the first place?


Michelle Bridges:  I have been active all my life, right from a young age I was involved in lots of sport. This is where I developed some fantastic lessons about life and myself. I learnt how to be in a team, how to win, how to lose, how to focus, how to have fun, discipline and commitment. Sport of any kind is so rewarding for children. That's where I first got excited about fitness.


Gabrielle Reilly:  For parents out there concerned about their children's health and obesity what words of advice would you offer them on fitness, motivation and diet for children?


Michelle Bridges:  Get them involved in sport! Any sport! Gymnastics, dancing, bike riding, whatever! It doesn't have to be the traditional sport that we think of, it can be anything really. I was talking to some kids the other day who do cheerleading as a sport.

More importantly though, be a role model! Children learn from their parents, if you eat badly and do no exercise, guess what.? You must lead from the front and it will be the best gift you can give your child. Especially of you have been someone who has struggled with you weight throughout your childhood. You know what a bad that can be as a child, teenager and young adult. The last thing you would want for your child is to be in that place if you have been there yourself.


Gabrielle Reilly:  What age do you think is ideal for children/teenagers to start lifting weights?


Michelle Bridges:  Lifting weights is something that children don't really need to be thinking about until they are around the age of 16 or 17 and only then if it interests them or assists with a specific sport. Before then it's really important to start instilling some habits around exercise, whether that be through sport or family bike rides. The earlier they start the better! It doesn't have to be hard core! It's just about forming habits. It might be that the family always takes a 10 minute walk after dinner. Or you have a family competition on who can jump rope the longest and you have go at it every morning before breakfast.

I love kindy gym.  I see toddlers learning how to balance and catch and just know it is setting them up for success! The sooner you start the better, but also know that its never too late! My mum started training with weight at 56! She is leaner, fitter, stronger and more confident in her 60's than she was in her 40's! Go mum!!!


Gabrielle Reilly:  How did you make the transition into TV?

Michelle Bridges:  As I mentioned I had such belief in my mission, I was always pushing to expand my audience. I told my husband that I was going to try to use the biggest medium possible - TV. With that I approached the Morning's with Kerri Anne show to have a fitness segment. Before long it had grown into a segment that was played up to four times in a week. So I had had some TV experience. When they were casting for TBL, they went to my industry and asked around, my name came up and after 4 months of interviews, tests and anything else they could throw at me I got the job! I wanted it so badly, because I believed in it. I knew this show was powerful, it was something that could really inspire a nation. It was sheer joy when they told me I had it. I think I actually jumped for joy in the truest sense!

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