I was almost born early on the loooong flight from Australia to America… and that about sums up the rest of my life. Always on planes traveling to amazing places, enjoying exciting adventures with my super-fun, partner-in-crime Mom, and many of the iconic people you see here on The Global Townhall.

Although I was born in America, I am also an Australian citizen like my Mom. Which may explain why I’ve had so many crazy adventures that include riding camels around the pyramids, taking row boats up the North Vietnam jungle, climbing Machu Picchu and enjoying gondola rides in Venice.

I’ve just turned 21 and have travelled to 40 countries living in America, Latvia, Lithuanian and attended school in Australia for a bit. I speak fluent Russian and proficient French.

I’ve learnt so much between the travel and meeting with such incredible global icons that I am so eternally grateful and humble that my parents gave me so many life-illuminating experiences. I want to share so many of the amazing ideas my Mum and I have learnt, so you can lead an extraordinary life too! I am also a Brand Ambassador, so check out my upcoming reviews.

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My Mom, Gabrielle Reilly, founded The Global Townhall to help people excel around the world by inspiring them to create visions to improve their lives.  Also, to help with global national security, unity between countries and political philosophies, peace and economic prosperity.   She/we, have had the support of some of the greatest minds in the world and the most successful people. Who isn’t amazed by people like the astronaut who walked on the moon, Buzz Aldrin or Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli? 

Fortunately, since Mom was CEO, she took my brother and I around with her to stay at celebrity homes and meet world leaders and influencers in meetings and social events.  How cool, a women executive taking her kids to work!  You couldn’t even come to understand how that has influenced me… my Mom intentionally had me at her side to groom me up in such a big-time-thinking culture.  Mom had a vision when she was 6 that this is the life she would live, so she truly knows the power of how a vision can change someone’s destiny, life or fate, whatever you want to call it.

I am currently also a student at Kansas University studying a double major in communications and Russian through Georgia Tech and Vilnius University in Lithuania.

Enjoy reading our interviews, travel ideas and reviews and give me a shout if you found anything that helped you.  I would love to hear from you!


Email:  maddie@theglobaltownhall.com

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