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An Australian American, Gabrielle Reilly is Owner of The Global Townhall, which is a network of some of the most influential people in the world including movie stars, billionaires, sport champs, political leaders (from all sides of the aisle,) supermodels and authors etc.  A network of people who are making the world a better place.  Besides inspiring people to be their personal best, Gabrielle is dedicated to national security, economic stability, diplomacy and human rights issues through the powerful influence of The Global Townhall.  Gabrielle also travels the world as a keynote speaker on these topics and has received many awards in recognition of her international work.

Gabrielle connects people in her exclusive international network where relevant and appropriate.  She coordinates, and/or travels with, and attends meetings with her celebrity contacts from around the world.  She often works with billionaires, movie stars and political leaders on a wide variety of topics from military issues, to book deals, Washington DC political educational trips for foreign leaders, or just straight up leisure and entertainment. Gabrielle also helps craft speeches where necessary and has been a major fundraiser.  She is available for consulting on a case by case basis. 

As an example, one day Gabrielle could be staying on a ranch with a supermodel or being flown around the world by a billionaire.   The next day, may include serving as an Executive Trustee on a USA Military Board alongside other Trustees and leaders who are 3 and 4 Star Generals, or brainstorming at lunch with an astronaut, or at a personal dinner with a federal Senator.  Or she could be on a conference call with a Lord in the House of Lords.  Every day is different.

Some of the interviews on The Global Townhall’s online magazine division includes Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli, billionaire T Boone Pickens, moonwalking astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Aussie adventurer Dick Smith, supermodels Kathy Ireland and Megan Gale, No. 1 tennis champ Caroline WozniackiSenator Pat Roberts (R) and Congressman Cleaver (D.) 

The Global Townhall is read internationally (also by many of the notable guests interviewed on it) and is intended to raise humanity up by the sharing of tremendous ideas from the most successful people in the world.

Gabrielle founded TGT because she believes that as you become what you eat, you also become what you read, watch and surround yourself with.   So she wants to influence her readers to dream big and do good with their lives.  Her mission is also to unite people and shed understanding on issues with the belief that not much can be achieved without understanding another point of view.


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On A Personal Note

Gabrielle said “on a personal note, I want to share with you the core values that influence all my decisions.  When I was about 6 years old I woke in the night to a vision that shone brightly, consuming me; I had a vision that I would grow up to connect and unite world leaders, legends and influencers to help in any aspect of global stability, security and peace.  I had travelled and lived in some poverty stricken countries and it broke my heart that my best friends there lived in such sad conditions.  I wanted to improve the human condition everywhere.   


I was deeply influenced by the selfless service of Mother Teresa (and yes, I even played in a nuns habit,) Martin Luther King’s ability to move people for the greater good of mankind and Wonder Woman’s ability to put a nice wrapping on saving the world (good marketing.)


It was a very unlikely possibility that my vision at 6 would be realized, but by “fate” or “destiny” I’ve been working with many of the most influential people in the world, helping to solve global issues.  I’ve travelled the world speaking and receiving awards as recognition for my work.   As I reflect on my past 20 years, it gives me the chills knowing that unlikely vision came true.”

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On 9/11 The Vision I Had When I Was 6 Years Old Suddenly Made Sense. 

I Knew What I Had To Do.

After the horror of 9/11, I was compelled to use my international experience growing up in Australia, Papua New Guinea and years collectively traveling to over 40 countries, to try to mitigate the hatred around the world of America. I was born and raised in Australia but became a US citizen in 2002.  I have lived in America 21 years.  The premise that the more people hated America and the West, the more terrorists would be recruited, therefore the more conflict would arise, drove my interest in diplomacy.  So in 2002 I launched The Gabrielle Reilly Weekly web site to spread messages of peace and diplomacy to the 18 to 40 year old males around the world through my modeling pictures.  

The Gabrielle Reilly Weekly  became an overnight success  and generated some tremendous internet traffic.  I parlayed my international following as a model and global correspondent and spent years talking on radio stations and newspapers around the world including the BBCThe AustralianThe Sydney Morning HeraldThe Bulletin, the ABC, on such hot issues as Abu Ghraib.  The Gabrielle Reilly Weekly is now forwarded to The Global Townhall.  

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