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Vision Statement:  The collection of brilliant ideas on The Global Townhall (TGT) from each international exemplary guest transforms mankind globally and takes the best from each culture.  TGT is an elite and sustainable social business supported by the most influential people in the world through sharing their ideas,  networks and funding.  

Like no other time in history, the internet has provided the world with the opportunity for the self-actualization of mankind.  Self-actualization will bring understanding, tolerance, and kindness between nations, religions, and political parties, thus providing more global stability and economic prosperity. 

The Global Townhall is a family run company.  The Founder and Owner, Gabrielle Reilly, took her children with her on all travel and meetings with leaders around the world as they were growing up.  Now adults, Maddie and Brandon Wheat are an integral part of the company with well beyond their years of experience in travel, wisdom and negotiation ability. 

The Global Townhall’s previous website host suddenly disappeared and we could not access the site.  So it provided the perfect time to overhaul the site.  We have this base site up and will be adding all of our previous pages back over the coming few weeks.  We hope you enjoy the new look and new performance!  Which is also why all the dates of most of these interviews are the same.

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