Sonja Morgan Interview With Maddie Wheat

Tips For Our Teen Readers 

Maddie Wheat: What advice can you gives us teens on dating, love and boyfriends?

Sonja Morgan: Always marry for love. Marry your best friend because you can’t live on sex alone but I can tell you no marriage will survive on love alone you have to have money as well. Most marriages end over money issues. Every woman has to go into a marriage understanding that, if you have children you’re the one that will be most likely responsible for them financially.


Maddie Wheat: How about career advice?

Sonja Morgan: Do what you love and the money will come after.


Maddie Wheat: How did you get your break?

Sonja Morgan: A great way to get a break is to choose a mentor and replicate what you admire in them.


Maddie Wheat: How did you succeed in your industry?

Sonja Morgan: I manage to surf the ups and downs in the world of reality television by always remembering that it’s a business and not taking anything too personally.


Maddie Wheat: How old were you when you knew what you wanted to do?

Sonja Morgan: I’ve always been the class clown and enjoyed making other people feel good. I remember in high school wanting to make over the shy girl in class. Fashion has been in my blood since I can remember, as young as 5 or 6 years old. I was the first person in school to coordinate the school fashion shows and I had a starring role in my 6th grade play to raise money for the school charity. That led to beauty pageants, modeling and travel which is where I developed a taste for a luxurious lifestyle without losing my Berkshire values. Which means I’m frugal!


Maddie Wheat: How do you handle rejection that comes with part of your industry and life?

Sonja Morgan: Being in the pageant business early on, then modeling and acting I learned to deal with rejection right away. I know some children don’t experience rejection until their first job application in high school or even as late as when they start receiving college acceptance letters. But the entertainment industry is brutal, especially with today’s social media.

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