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Grow your wealth, business or career by reading tips from some of the most wealthy and successful people in the world in our exclusive interviews together.

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How have the most successful people in the world achieved what they have?  Life is short, adopt some of  their ideas and mentality to excel in your life!  Don’t reinvent the wheel…

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You become what you surround yourself with which is why it is so important to read information on fitness and health motivation everyday to be in peak shape!

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The Global Townhall (TGT) was founded by Gabrielle Reilly to be a positive influence on everyone around the world, from the poor to the wealthy.  Learn more about TGT and the very talented team trying to help create a better life for you.

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 The Global Townhall is non-partisan and believes in educating, not sensationalizing.  Read our interviews with Senators, Congressmen, Members of Parliament, Lords and Generals from around the world.

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We have traveled to over 50 countries delivering speeches, receiving awards, and reviewing hotels and restaurants.  We can’t wait to give you tips for your travel from our extensive and non-traditional travel experience.