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Miss Bondi, Danielle Byrnes’s fresh look has ranked her in the top ten beauties around the world.  Danielle has represented Australia as title holder of Miss International which took her to Japan, as Miss Model of the World and Miss Global Beauty which she competed in both in China.  Danielle has also claimed the title of Miss Bikini World Australia and Miss Bondi.  This Australian beauty has enjoyed an astronomic rise in the industry posing for Guess, Armani, Hugo Boss Burberry and David Jones to name a few.  I’m voting for her to be our next Bond girl although I know Jennifer Aniston is vying for that spot.  Danielle has popped into The Global Townhall to share some of her experiences with us.



GABRIELLE REILLY:   What was most exciting about your trip to China for the World Modeling Finals?

DANIELLE BYRNES:  The most exciting thing about my trip to China would have to be experiencing such an amazing, yet completely different culture. It was truly an eye opener as we went through so many vast cities from very rich to extremely poor. The highlight would have to of been climbing the Great Wall that is something I never thought I would get to do, though being a contestant in Miss Model of the World gave me that opportunity. Apart from sightseeing, the main competition consisted of runway shows, swimwear and evening gown judging and interviews, and in the end, I made the Top 10 out of over 80 delegates. I was lucky enough to be sent to China for a second time to represent Australia again, this time in Miss Global Beauty. Being my third world final, I had the confidence and experience and took out 7th place in the world. That is something that really meant a lot to me, and was an amazing reward for all the effort that me, and my family put in.



GABRIELLE REILLY:   What was most fascinating about your trip to Tokyo as Miss International Australia?

DANIELLE BYRNES:   I was so pleased to win the title in Australia, and even more excited to be visiting Tokyo!   It was my first overseas trip, and quite daunting going by myself, and arriving in the wee early hours of a non-english speaking country. Even ordering a simple tea was quite an ordeal! Though once I was met by the organizers I instantly felt comfortable. Apart from the competition itself, we got to do some many exciting things I may not get to do again. We got to visit the beautiful Mt Fuji and they flew us to Kyoto on the other side of Japan for the day. I think the Japanese history is so fascinating, so that country is definitely one I will be visiting again in the near future.


GABRIELLE REILLY:   How long did it actually take to shoot your part in the music clip “If I’m Not Mistaken?”

DANIELLE BYRNES:   It took a whole day.  It was a very long day indeed, as I had only just returned from Tokyo very late the night before! It was a lot of fun, and gave me great exposure and experience in front of the camera.   It was good to see how video clips are actually all put together, and a great insight to the world of film.


GABRIELLE REILLY:   Have you always wanted to be a model?

DANIELLE BYRNES:   It was something I kind of fell into.  It was like one minute, it was something I never considered – and then the next minute I found myself entering a small modeling competition when I was 18. From there I was scouted as such, and given jobs and met with agencies.  Then I had to quit my job at a sports store to keep up with the modeling work!


GABRIELLE REILLY:   Do you practice in front of the mirror?

DANIELLE BYRNES:   No, I have never really been into that, I have done it a few times when directors give you a photo/tear from a magazine of what pose they would like. You always feel so strange doing bizarre and difficult poses, though; those are always winning poses that look fabulous!


GABRIELLE REILLY:   What type of workout do you do to stay in such great in shape?

DANIELLE BYRNES:   I love working out, and don’t see it as a chore as many people do! I have grown up playing teams sports like Netball, Soccer and Softball, so the sporty gene is definitely in me, The city I live in is surrounded by mountains so I am often hiking and mountain bike riding, and when I am out of town, I hit the gym regularly.



GABRIELLE REILLY:   What is your typical meal schedule for the day?

DANIELLE BYRNES:   Honestly I don’t have a set day-to-day meal schedule. I just try to keep a balanced diet and keep hydrated. I have a bit of a sweet tooth so generally live on chocolate to keep me energized. I ensure I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and eat lean meat to keep me going and to avoid getting lethargic.  I drink a lot of green tea too!



GABRIELLE REILLY:   How do you survive not only the good times but the rejection that also comes with the territory?

DANIELLE BYRNES:     I don’t take rejection too harshly thankfully.  I am very down to earth, and even though modeling is my job, I don’t get offended if I do not successfully get a role, because at the end of the day, there is always going to be more work. If I am told a reason why I didn’t get a modeling job, I will try and work on that weakness. However, most of the time there isn’t necessarily a personal fault of why I don’t get a job, it is just a very competitive industry with many girls vying for the same work.


GABRIELLE REILLY:   What is your personal preference, print, runway, TV or spokesperson?

DANIELLE BYRNES:   I have only done print in my career so far – for many catalogues, look books, editorials, covers and websites. I would like to get into runway; the runway experience I have so far is for several shows for Underwear of Sweden, a lingerie company I am the face of here in Australia. I am starting acting classes soon, to help in the mission of getting into TV presenting. I am already very confident in front of the camera, though I need all the experience and education I can get to gain that competitive edge.



GABRIELLE REILLY:   What would you want to do if you were not modeling?

DANIELLE BYRNES:   I think if I were not modeling I would be travelling the world, working along the way though I get to do that with modeling anyway! I am still trying to work out my main passion and career goals post-modeling, I have too many job options I could see myself doing. I am still young, so when I realize my occupational goals eventually, I will follow them.



GABRIELLE REILLY:   Do you have a motivational/philosophical quote that you would like to share?


DANIELLE BYRNES:   I don’t have an exact quote as such, though I generally go by the life rule to have no regrets, and to take every opportunity given to me. If I hadn’t of gone by these rules, I wouldn’t be where I am today; as proud, happy or successful.


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